Top Things to do in Addis Ababa

Discover some of the top things to do in Addis Ababa. Make the most out of your visit to Addis, the capital of Africa.
Addis Ababa is the biggest city in Ethiopia. It is not very old, just a little over 100 years in fact, but it has an interesting blend of cultures and influences that has generated something of a unique culture.

At first glance, you may think this is a quiet place with not much to do and see, but spend a little time, and take the effort to discover, and you will find that Addis does offer fun and good times.

Visits Addis Ababa’s Cathedrals

Addis Ababa is home to several beautiful Orthodox cathedrals. However, the most famous is the Trinity

Soak in the Addis Ababa’s Natural Hot Springs

Did you know that if it wasn’t for the city’s natural hot springs, Ethiopia’s capital city may not

Treat yourself to Ethiopian cuisine

Ethiopian cuisine is a combination of the flavorful cuisine of the country’s different cultures

Enjoy Ethiopian Cultural Dinner Show

Ethiopia is a country of many varied ethnic groups and cultures, and as you can imagine

Taste Delicious Ethiopian Coffee

Legend has it that Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, so no trip to the country would be complete


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